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Noerrelund Unique is a Sustainable Web Shop representing different Fashion Brands



 Noerrelund Unique has a mission to make Slow Fashion accessible to more people.

There are more and more sustainable brands showing up in the market, but it is always hard to keep track of them all. Using Noerrelund Unique will make it easier for you to create a whole sustainable outfit from just one marketplace. You will be able to find trendy sustainable clothes with ease and find exactly what you have been looking for.

Noerrelund Unique connect conscious people with sustainable designers helping you to find sustainable clothes without wasting any time or energy searching for different brands or designers yourself. By joining our tribe, you will be part of a conscious movement supporting local sustainable & purpose-driven businesses, encouraging good working conditions and fair wages, and reducing pollution and waste.  



My story

Meet our Founder & Sustainable Expert Maria Noerrelund



I have always dreamed of working in the fashion industry so I set out to find a job. However, it saddened me to figure out that the fashion industry I once loved was one of the biggest pollution industries in the world. I could'nt just take a job in the fashion industry knowing the impact it had on the world. I needed to honor my values. However, it didnt make it easier for me to find a job in the fashion industry. 


After a lot of soul searching and realizing that the job, I was searching for did'nt exist. I decided to follow my passion and create a sustainable business myself focusing on reducing waste and pollution in the fashion industry. Finally, after all these years I had created a career that fully aligned with my values.


When I started the journey of building my business, I quickly realized there were so many amazing designers out there trying to make a difference in this world, but sadly they did'nt get the recognition they deserved. It was difficult for them to get the visibility and find conscious people who would love their clothes and their mission. However, it was obvious to see that the number of conscious people searching for sustainable clothes was rapidly growing and still is. Today conscious people are looking to find businesses that align with their values, but most of them are wasting a lot of time and energy in trying to find sustainable clothes becuase it is not easily accessible in the world today. That is why I decided to make it my mission to help conscious people find sustainable clothes easily and effortlessly.


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