Meet Our Brands

96t Berlin

Karla is the designer and founder of the fashion brand 96t Berlin. She wanted to make a statement against fast fashion. This is why she only uses secondhand clothes and upcycles the clothes to give them a longer and better life.




All items are unique and handmade by Karla. If you buy one of her items you help to change the fashion industry and establish more mindfulness and environmental awareness.




Studio Macnas

Belinda is behind studio Macnas, she designs and makes the bags. Macnas is Gaelic for playful, flirty, sensual. The name is a reference to her Irish roots. It also refers to some design, and what bags can do for someone. Falling in love with a bag and wanting to wear it, cherish it, because you love it so much.

Rooted in Utrecht, she promotes the Utrecht style with her designs. Urban, local, playful, down to earth with care for the earth. Connected to the Utrecht community, she aims to work together locally as much as possible. You can recognize her bags by the black haberdashery and asymmetrical handle.

Belinda's dream is to make bags that never have to end up in a dump. That you can bury your bag in your garden and let new materials grow out of them.

With this great fascination for making products with the smallest possible footprint, I started experimenting with biodegradable materials. This mission has made me a material explorer. Current experiments include material from cactus, apple skin, mango leather, and kombucha leather from a scoby.  Revalue, upcycling, and reuse are also a very important part of my conscious maker practice. Making treasures out of trash.



Fitolojio Workshop


Fitolojio Workshop is an Amsterdam-based web boutique with handmade, one-of-a-kind, and ethical produced items. It was founded in 2020 by Katerina Michaloutsou.  

Fitolojio Workshop was born out of the idea to create a sustainable wardrobe that is made to last, using items that people often overlook and think are no longer useful.

Fitolojio Workshop is about Upcycled & Reworked clothing and curated Vintage for bold and powerful women to celebrate their individual beauty.

Fitolojio’s persona is an amazing, powerful and independent woman. She is a flower lover and handicraft that she likes to inspire and be inspired.

With the purpose of creating new clothes from pre-owned ones, extending their life cycle, and producing one-of-a-kind items from what many consider to be waste.

We find raw materials from local charities or vintage shops and flea markets. We love transparency, and this is what we like to incorporate through our brand. In this way we foster the relationship between garment and wearer, opening up the dialogue about a more conscious consumption behavior.



In 2020 Katerina started Fitolojio Workshop as a slow and ethical fashion brand, although the idea of upcycling and sustainable fashion was in my mind for many years. She felt a big need for combining my old interest in fashion and design with my engagement in sustainable and conscious living.



Studio Lanterfant


Sustainable and eye-popping is the motto at Studio Lanterfant. Moniek is the maker and is very much inspired by Art Deco and the crazy ’80s. All the colorful jewelry is made to brighten up your day, and that of the people around you. The items are made as local and sustainable as possible. Everything is designed digitally, laser-cut and handmade in the cozy Lanterfant-atelier in Utrecht, The Netherlands.



Most items are made to order in the color option you can pick yourself. And the new collection will even be modular. This way you can mix & match however you like to make sure you have a perfect option for every day. Let’s keep it personal and fun!