Jewelry Care




To make sure your jewelry remains beautiful for a long long time Moniek from Studio Lanterfant made a list of ways to do just that. Because making sure your jewelry lasts is the most sustainable thing you can do. And after all the love and attention she has put in as a jewelry designer, it feels great to know the jewelry is good hands.

These care instructions are written for the Studio Lanterfant jewelry, but probably also apply to some of your other loved items. (Of course all the materials used are picked because of their good qualities. And the ways they can be reused.)


   Don’t sit or stand on top of it. Just saying ;)

   Put the jewelry of before taking a shower, exercising and sleeping. Especially the wood is not a big fan of water. It does have a layer of wood varnish for protection. But it’s always better to prevent than cure.

   Be careful when you use perfume or apply sun lotion. It could corrode or stain the materials.

   Neatly store your items, for example in the supplied gifbox or on a jewelry rack.

   Clean the jewelry items made from acrylic with a slightly wet cloth. This is to prevent scratches. Also the wooden items can be cleaned with a slightly wet cloth.

   Be careful with sharp objects (also in general ;)) nearby the jewelry.

   Round shaped earrings can be opened sideways when put in. This way they will remain a nice round shape.

   Wooden parts (without paint) with stains on it can be sanded mildly to make them look fresh again. Make sure you use a piece of sanding paper with a 240 or 320 grit.

   You can send Moniek an email if you have a lonely Studio Lanterfant earring. She would be happy to bring them back together!